Topical Timolol Helps Hemangioma

June 6, 2010

It has been shown that systemic propranolol can greatly reduce hemangiomas around the eye, thus sparing the baby risky surgery or steroidal injections to debulk it. But systemic propranolol can be a little risky and requires a hospital stay. Researchers recently got similar results rubbing Timolol on the lesion.




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One Response to “Topical Timolol Helps Hemangioma”

  • Our daughter was one of the first babies in the USA to be put on propranolol for Hemangiomas. We were facing a necessary surgical excision for the hemangiomas which were blocking her eye.

    We opted for the “new” drug propranolol which did not require hospital stay, but simply an exam and clearance from a pediatric cardiologist.

    The results were noticed within a couple of hours and allowed her to wein off of steroids shortly thereafter.

    Here is a link for her video journey

    Dr. Milton Waner can be found at and

    on Facebook at!/group.php?gid=67372539782&ref=ts