How Good Should My Near and Distance Vision be After a Toric IOL Implant?

March 25, 2010

I had surgery done on my eyes in August and November 2009. Both eyes were implanted with Toric Intraocular Lens of the same optical power and appear to be identical length. My distance vision is almost 20-20 in both eyes, but near vision is poor and without glasses I see double up close. It this the way it should be?




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3 Responses to “How Good Should My Near and Distance Vision be After a Toric IOL Implant?”

  • ari

    there is absolutely no reason to remove a toric lens. the worst that can happen, if it is implanted incorrectly (i.e.., your astigmatism is at 30 degrees, and the implant is at 90), is that your astigmatism will remain uncorrected, and it should behave exactly like a regular lens. if you are having problems, it is most certainly NOT the toric quality of the lens, and removing it will be a grave mistake. i strongly advise a second opinion, as something else is obviously going on. rarely, some patients have trouble with lenses that have a square edge design- it can cause a rim of darkened vision in the periphery, and they might do better with repositioning of the implant. removing this implant sounds like very bad advice.

  • divyesh.s.gandhi

    i have implanted a toric lens in my right eye but without good results and now i want it removed will i have any trouble removing it pl inform

  • ari

    toric lenses do zilch for near vision- only distance. only lenses like restor/crystalens can help you read, but they are not good for those with astigmatism, unles the surgeon can correct the astigmatism surgically- but that is not so predictable.

    soon, there will be lenses that correct astigmatism and help with near. those will be great!