Cool New Glasses

March 20, 2010

New adaptive optics glasses are on the near horizon. They are made of special crystals that can be changed using electrical currents. So, wavefront images can be taken of your eyes, then the information is fed into a computer which aligns the crystals accordingly. Changes later on can be fed into the computer and the glasses changed accordingly. Pixeloptics is working on glasses that, using a battery, allow the user to change the crystals whenever he wants. Soon, we’ll have glasses that have a special rangefinder laser that will automatically adjust the crystals depending on what the user is looking at. Not science fiction!

New progressives by TruFocals on the market now use a little lever on the bridge of the nose. When slid, the rx of the glasses is switched from distance to near using a special liquid that becomes more spherical. Great for diabetics with shifting refractive errors, and those who want to spare their neck from harm when using a computer- no need to go chin-up.




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