The Notal Vision ForeseeHome Monitor for AMD

March 10, 2010

Dr. Randall Wong wrote about this device earlier in February, but I looked into its potential to truly save or preserve vision for those afflicted with the late stages of dry AMD.

I finally got permission to post the “Story behind the Story” about the Notal Vision at home device that has the potential to save or preserve vision for the thousands that have intermediate or advanced dry AMD. It can determine when those patients begin to convert to the very earliest stages of wet AMD, the stage when vision loss and blindness begins to occur. When the device is in wide-spread use, it will send a signal to one’s doctor that he/she should be seen immediately for treatment (with anti-VEGF drugs) to preserve vision before the disease progresses to a stage where vision is lost.

For the complete writeup, please see my online Journal.




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