Can Bio Molecular Therapy Restore Vision Loss Caused by Glaucoma?

January 24, 2010

I am 37. I suffer from Glaucoma in both eyes. I got information that Biomolecular Therapy can restore the vision by “cell heals cell”. They say that this technique is really popular and being used in Europe (around 70 years) such as Germany. Is this true? If so, why isn’t this technology being used in the United States?




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One Response to “Can Bio Molecular Therapy Restore Vision Loss Caused by Glaucoma?”

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    yeesh- trust me- if it were effective, it would be published in reputable journals and be adopted world-wide. there’s no conspiracy to deny patients vision-saving therapies. you have no idea how many untold billions are spent by desperate patients on worthless remedies. these unscrupulous companies take advantage of their desperation. seek counsel from your ophthalmologist. every month i personally read the four major jounals, 2 ophthalmology newspapers, and other “throw-away” periodicals, so i know what’s going on and what’s the latest. i think most ophthalmologists are pretty up-to-date.
    the most i would concede is that europe often approves some therapies a few years earlier than we do- so sometimes, something reputable is going on there that’s not available here. but i am talking about stuff published in reputable journals. if not published, and still going on for 70 years- it’s a bunch of nonsense.