Instructions for Using Acuvail?

January 24, 2010

This question regard the eye drops Acuvail. I am confused.  The solution comes in a vial.  If one drop is indicated for use in one eye, why does each vial contain more than one drop?  Is it one drop per eye and the rest of the solution discarded or is the entire vial solution to be used in one eye?  Please clarify this for me




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7 Responses to “Instructions for Using Acuvail?”

  • ari

    alternatives to acuvail? xibrom, nevenac, and generics.

  • Hi, I read your post and was wondering if you had any thoughts as to alternatives to Acuvail.

    Please advise.

    Unfortunately for me, since i’m in need of this this product, it is so cost prohibitive. However, i do agree… price controls are bad.

    Thanks much for any advise as to alternatives to this medication.


  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    xibrom and nevanac are the other non-steroidals. ketorolac is the generic acuvail

  • Doctor what is the name of medication ? I am responding to your comment regarding alternative to ACUVAIL. Thank you!

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    the q is, why not? this is america, a capitalist country, and if a drug company can get away with charging a ridiculous price and get away with it, they’d be nuts not to. they are in the business of making money for their shareholders.
    sooner or later, other cheaper drugs will eat into their market share and the price will fall. supply and demand is the best way, i think, for the market to work. imposing price controls (think new york city’s rent control, 1970’s airfares, communism, fdr’s new deal etc), and you’ll see it’s the lesser of the evils.

    there are very good alternatives, like generic non-steroidals, which are just as good as acuvail. those who cant afford acuvail should speak with their pharmacist about these low-cost alternatives.

    i dont mean to sound cold, but i believe strongly in the free-market system, and i dont like the unintended consequences of price controls (did you know the whole system of employers providing health insurance was simply employers’ way of getting around wage controls imposed by fdr’s new deal? or, that the rental market in manhattan is totally whacked due to rent control?) . to be sure, the free market has problems, but i think its better than the alternatives.

    but this is a complicated debate, and maybe this is not the best forum for this debate.

  • tom barone

    Why is ACUVAIL so outrageously expensive? At more than $400 for the recommended program for cataract surgery, it is brutalizing the under privileged, who are put between the “rock and the hard place.”
    t barone

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    acuvail is twice a day. put in the fridge after you open it, and use it again at night. they put more drug than you need, so as to make more money, and because many patients have to squeeze a lot in order to get it in the eye. you dont have to put the whole vial in the eye- any amount that gets in is plenty.