Will New Synchrony Lens Provide Better Outcomes for Cataract Patients?

November 5, 2009

As reported recently on MedPage Today, two recent studies have shown that a new “dual optic” accommodating intraocular lens (Synchrony) — which allows both eyes to simultaneously focus on far or near objects — improved intermediate distance vision and contrast sensitivity under low light conditions compared with existing multifocal lenses.

In one study, researchers compared three “premium” intraocular lenses (Tecnis, ReZoom and ReSTOR) with an experimental lens (Synchrony) designed with a dual optic to theoretically provide a more accommodative amplitude. The study included patients given the same lens in both eyes during different “eras” of lens implantation. For a functional, real life performance test of contrast sensitivity, patients were given a reading speed test under low-light conditions.

The second study was a randomized, multicenter, prospective, double-masked clinical trial comparing Synchrony to ReSTOR implanted in both eyes for 44 and 48 patients, respectively.

Read the full story on MedPage Today.




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One Response to “Will New Synchrony Lens Provide Better Outcomes for Cataract Patients?”

  • eye guy

    Very interesting indeed!

    Looking forward to seeing if anything comes of these lenses. Currently, monofocal, single optic lenses dominate. It will be a while before dualoptic lenses take over 🙂