Should Uveitis be Controlled Before Cataract Surgery?

October 30, 2009

As presented at the AAO, uveitis guru, C. Stephen Foster, M.D. continues to advocate for complete “control” of the inflammation before attempting cataract surgery.

Dr. Foster recommends a methodical, step-wise approach, to controlling the uveitis.  Treatment may included topical steroidal and non-steroidal agents as well as oral, intravitreal or intravenous administration.  The goal is to achieve “steroid free” remission.

A 3 month remission before cataract surgery is ideal.  Treatment of the anticipated post-operative inflammation should start pre-operatively.

What does this mean? As a retinal specialist who deals with complicated inflammation, but not a uveitis expert, I have often followed Dr. Foster’s advice since he visited our residency program.  Complicated uveitis patients demand respect.  This disease is quite humbling.  Anything that can gain you an advantage is worth the time.  Be patient!  Your patient and your post-operative results will benefit.

Randall V. Wong, M.D.
etinal Specialist




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