ThromboGenics Announces Testing of Medical Treatment for Vitreomacular Adhesions Underway

October 4, 2009

ThromboGenics announced that enrollment for Phase 3 clinical trials is ahead of schedule.  ThromboGenics is hopeful that microplasmin will play a pivotal role in the treatment of vitreomacular adhesions.

The clinical study is expected to compare microplasmin vs. placebo.  Both drug and placebo will be delivered as an intravitreal injection.

Results may be expected as early as 2010.

Vitreomacular adhesions are commonly also known as vitreomacular traction.  Clinically, the posterior vitreous is attached to the macula and may cause macular edema.  At times, an epiretinal membrane may be associated.  While many times the macular edema is treated with topical steroids and/or NSAIDS, often the adhesion and/or membrane is removed surgically.

Presumably, microplasmin will interrupt this interface and replace surgical the need for surgical intervention.

Randall V. Wong, M.D.
Retina Specialist




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