Aton Pharma Launches Extended Program for Preservative-Free Timoptic® in Ocudose®

August 27, 2009

Aton Pharma, Inc. has announced that it has launched new education, distribution, sampling and reimbursement programs for TIMOPTIC® in OCUDOSE®, the only preservative-free medication for glaucoma available in the United States. Aton acquired the marketing rights to the Timoptic product line from Merck & Co., Inc. in February.

Aton will support TIMOPTIC in OCUDOSE with ophthalmic journal advertising, a couponing program, direct mail promotion and a patient information website.  The sales force will re-introduce TIMOPTIC in OCUDOSE to eye care professionals as well.

Aton conducted a survey of ophthalmologists and found that 97% of those surveyed felt that preservative-free glaucoma medications could enhance the comfort of glaucoma patients. Nine out of ten surveyed that there are not enough preservative-free glaucoma medications available while almost one-half did not know that any preservative-free glaucoma beta-blocker medications existed. The presence of a preservative-free glaucoma medication may have an impact in the treatment of patients with glaucoma and dry eyes or lid margin disease.

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