Are TruFocals An Option for Presbyopia?

August 13, 2009

Another type of glasses for people with presbyopia has been developed and is now commercially available.  TruFocals glasses feature a slider located above the nose bridge of the glasses; this slider can be used to change the focal point of the lenses in real time.

These glasses use a conventional lens that is paired with a transparent flexible lens; the flexible lens is closer to the eye.  In between both lenses is a pocket that contains a small amount of clear fluid. When the glasses are adjusted, the fluid moves which alters the shape of the flexible lens and changes the correction of the glasses.  This provides a focal range that the wearer can adjust as needed.

This is an intriguing concept and it doesn’t appear that the lenses are very heavy. I would be curious to learn more about the optics of these glasses and what the range of correction is.

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