SENSIMED Triggerfish Electronic Contact Lens Continually Monitors Eye Pressure

August 12, 2009

An electronic contact lens that continuously monitors intraocular pressure up to 24 hours has been developed by SENSIMED AG and is called the SENSIMED Triggerfish® system. This lens is composed of a strain gauge and a microchip that processes the data. The patient also wears an antenna array around the eye socket that powers the lens and reads the information coming off the microchip. This lens was approved in Europe this past February.

The Triggerfish® system consists of four parts:

  • Sensor:  A micro electro-mechanical system sensor and a telemetry microprocessor is embedded in a soft, hydrophilic, disposable soft contact lens. All of the elements embedded in the lens are out of the line of sight.
  • Antenna and data cable: A circular antenna is taped around the eye; this sends energy and receives the information and is connected to the portable recorder.
  • Recorder: A battery-powered recorder stores the measurement information and wirelessly uploads the data to the ophthalmologist’s computer.
  • Software:  This is located on the ophthalmologist’s computer.

The SENSIMED Triggerfish® system is currently under FDA review in the US.

Read the article and the release about the device.




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