Is it Worthwhile to go to the Academy Meeting?

July 25, 2009

In general- sure! But I typically go to hang out with my friends. Let’s face it- if you read the big three journals on a regular basis, and you check out websites to see the latest in surgical maneuvers, there’s not much you’re going to learn at the Academy. But if you go to make connections (i.e., you’re looking to move your practice), want to try LRI’s in a wet lab, or want to “test drive” new equipment, then it might be worthwhile. And getting 32 CME credits always comes in handy. But times are tough today- maybe spending a few thousand dollars (in expenses and lost income) is not high on your list this year- can’t blame you. For sure, someone needs to tell the Academy that Anaheim and Houston are not the most interesting cities and should be scratched! (no insult to those who live there!) I wonder if the ASCRS meeting is stealing a significant number from the Academy.




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