New EyeCon Eye Dropper Device From Japan Never Misses the Target

July 17, 2009

As reported yesterday on MedGadget, Japanese designers have created a new eye drop device called the eyecon to help properly administer eye drops to the eyeball without missing the target or accidentally touching the cornea.

The designers created a special frame by starting with a pair of goggles which led to development of some working models. After fitting these on family and friends, the researchers determined that an asymmetrical shape would fit the human face better. To account for the various lengths of lashes, the designers also designed a system to adjust distance from the tip of the bottle to the eye.

Read further details on MedGadget (including a short video).




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One Response to “New EyeCon Eye Dropper Device From Japan Never Misses the Target”

  • Their video looks pretty silly and doesn’t really show the device in action. I would love to know more about this and see if anyone has firsthand experience with it. Something like this could help my glaucoma patients a lot but other similar attempts have failed, eg the Xalese for Xalatan/Xalacom, and the cup that Merck used to make.