Can Tissue from Buccal Membranes be Used to Repair Leaking Trabeculectomy Blebs?

July 2, 2009

In a presentation at the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, researchers found that tissue from buccal membranes can be used as a substitute for conjunctival tissue for the repair of leaking trabeculectomy blebs or exposed filtering devices.

The buccal membrane acts similarly to conjunctival tissue and is pretty abundant as an autologous graft. The researchers used the buccal membranes to repair leaking blebs or exposed drainage devices.  In eyes with blebs, the buccal membranes repaired the leak in 4 out of 4 eyes with 3 of the eyes being considered a success.

In eyes with drainage devices, 3 exposed tubes, 2 plates and a pars plana clip were repaired. The repairs were considered successful in 83% of cases.

Since the complication of leaking blebs or exposed devices is not uncommon, the ability to use buccal membranes could be valuable in the management of these patients.

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