EyeIC Raises Funds to Market MatchedFlicker Software for Glaucoma Diagnosis

June 24, 2009

EyeIC, the company that has developed the MatchedFlicker software for early glaucoma detection and monitoring, recently announced that it has secured the third installment of a $1.9 million Series A round of financing.

The company has also received certification from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration that will allow EyeIC to begin marketing its MatchedFlicker software, which assists physicians in early glaucoma diagnosis by monitoring retinal photographs and detecting changes. This program, which will be sold either by subscription or license to ophthalmologists and optometrists, is scheduled to be commercially available in July.

MentorTech Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners and individual investors supplied the Series A round of financing for EyeIC. The company plans to secure more financing to market its product in the United States and Europe.

Read the full release.




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