Carl Zeiss Meditec Receives FDA Clearance for Cirrus HD-OCT Software Version 4.0

June 9, 2009

Carl Zeiss Meditec announced today that its new suite of optical coherence tomography (OCT) software applications for the Cirrus™ HD-OCT has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for commercial distribution. The Cirrus HD-OCT 4.0 with Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer and Macular Normative Databases is indicated for in-vivo viewing, axial cross-sectional, and three-dimensional imaging and measurement of anterior and posterior ocular structures.

Cirrus HD-OCT Version 4.0 offers three tools for quantified glaucoma assessment and management:

  • RNFL Normative Database helps to identify retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) loss.
  • Anterior Segment Imaging provides visualization of the angle and measurement of central corneal thickness.
  • Guided Progression Analysis™ (GPA) software supports glaucoma treatment decision-making by identifying statistically significant changes in RNFL thickness.

New enhancements also help clinicians better manage retinal diseases and monitor patient response to therapy:

  • Macular Change Analysis helps physicians evaluate retinal status and response to therapy by mapping changes in macular thickness.
  • Fovea Finder automatically identifies the center of the fovea to ensure the accuracy of macular thickness measurements.
  • Macular Thickness Normative Data allows physicians to identify retina disease based on comparison to age-matched data.

Read the full release on BusinessWire.




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