Malyugin Ring vs. Iris Hooks

May 31, 2009

I have never used the Malyugin ring, but it looks like an elegant design, especially the new one that expands to a full 7 mm. But I wonder if the proximal eyelet gets in the way of the phaco probe, and I wonder if it stays in place the entire case. I understand from Dr. Chang’s paper that iris prolapse is still possible with the ring. Also, it still seems to me that hooks can provide greater exposure. I was hoping those who have used both could share their experiences




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One Response to “Malyugin Ring vs. Iris Hooks”

  • The Malyugin Ring is the BEST device to treat both flomax patients with IFIS and small pupils in general. I no longer worry when doing a case with a 2 mm bound down pupil! The 6mm ring is actually the better of the 2. The eyelet does not get in the way of the phaco probe. I do not experience any iris prolapse with this ring!

    My only complaint, it has become so popular that it is now on back order from MSD and my center is almost out!!

    Cary Silverman, MD
    EyeCare 20/20
    E Hanover, NJ