FDA Says LASIK Ads Must Warn Consumers of Side Effect Risks

May 24, 2009

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a letter advising doctors, clinics and others promoting LASIK eye surgery that their advertisements must tell consumers about possible risks, and that commercials and other promotions that do not convey necessary warnings concerning side-effects and other precautions are deceptive.

The letter comes more than a year after the FDA held a public meeting that drew dozens of unhappy patients who complained of blurriness, double-vision, depression and other problems after undergoing LASIK.

Read the full press release.




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One Response to “FDA Says LASIK Ads Must Warn Consumers of Side Effect Risks”

  • ari

    not sure why lasik ads have to explain all the risks, while ads for cosmetic surgery do not- and no one died from lasik, but plenty have died from cosmetic surgery. seems the fda needs a consistent policy and stop this ad hoc nonsense.