Visiogen Raises $40 Million to Support Global Commercialization of the Synchrony Dual Optic Accommodating Intraocular Lens

May 4, 2009

In a recent press release, Visiogen, Inc. of Irvine, California, announced that it had raised $40 million from new and current investors to support the global commercialization of the Synchrony® dual optic accommodating intraocular lens (IOL).

The Synchrony IOL is a 3-dimensional, single-piece, foldable, accommodating lens with two separate optics connected by a spring system. According to Visiogen, the device’s design may:

  • overcome the limitations of monovision and single-optic accommodating IOLs
  • enable patients to have sharp vision at all focal points without glasses
  • eliminate the glare, nighttime halos and reduced contrast sensitivity┬ácommon with some other lenses.

The Synchrony dual optic accommodating IOL is provided in a pre-loaded injector, eliminating the need for surgeons to handle the lens before implantation. This patented technology allows the Synchrony to be implanted slowly and with great control. The 3-dimensional single-piece lens unfolds in the eye upon insertion. It features an anterior convex and posterior concave optic linked by a unique spring system. The posterior element of the lens has more surface area than the anterior element, providing stabilization and centration for the device within the capsular bag. The +32D anterior optic and the variable-powered, minus posterior optic work together to produce and maintain emmetropia at any distance.

Since the last round of financing in 2007, Visiogen has made significant progress in the development of the Synchrony IOL, including the completion of the U.S. phase III study, the formation of Visiogen Europe GmbH and the commencement of commercialization in Europe. Furthermore, a number of clinical investigators have published encouraging results from multiple comparative randomized double-masked trials as well as objective proof of mechanism of accommodation at up to five years.

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One Response to “Visiogen Raises $40 Million to Support Global Commercialization of the Synchrony Dual Optic Accommodating Intraocular Lens”

  • Dr. Weitzner

    ive read the results of this lens- despite its remarkable engineering, it only produces about 1 diopter of accomodation. nulens from israel promises about 8! we are slowly but surely getting to a point where clear lens exchange at presbyopia will become typical. thats great economic news for the younger ophthalmologists out there, for i dont see this happening for at least 10 years. oh well.