Conjunctivochalasis- underdiagnosed and easy to repair

April 23, 2009

Conjunctivochalasis is much more common than we think- we often attribute the symptoms to dry eye and give artificial tears. But ever since I read about this condition some time ago, I see that it is indeed, much more common and symptomatic. I know surgeons will excise the redundant conjunctiva, but I wonder if that’s such a good idea- I have a feeling the patient needs all the conjunctiva they can get for lubrication purposes. I recently saw a video where the surgeon replaces the excised conjunctiva with dry amniotic membrane, glued to the globe- that’s probably a better idea. But I do is the simplest and I think, best- I roatate the eye superiorly and push the conjunctiva down towards the fornix and place about 4-5  8-o Vicryl sutures about 10 mm from the limbus re-attaching it to the globe. That’s it. The sutures create enough irritation to keep the conjunctiva securely on the globe. When I examine the patients later, the conjunctiva is nice and tight on the globe without any redundancy- and I did not sacrifice any conjunctiva. Try it!




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7 Responses to “Conjunctivochalasis- underdiagnosed and easy to repair”

  • Randall

    Are there any specialist in Kentucky that perform this surgery? I really don’t want a graft, and I really would not just trust any ophthalmologist. I would want someone who does this procedure on a regular basis.

  • ari

    sorry you had a bad result. its hard to explain, as the surgery is quite simple and not terribly invasive. but no procedure is 100% effective.
    after any eye surgery, there is a small risk of the upper lid falling down a bit, making the eye look smaller. a simple surgical procedure can lift it back, if you desire.

  • vera speake

    I had a procedure where they did away with extra tissue and replaced it with a graft. My condition did not improve and my eyes are now drier .All I can say is I’m very sorry I had procedure done , because now my left eye isn’t’t opening properly, and one eye is smaller than the other.

    Vera Speak

  • ari

    recuperation is nil. eye will feel a little scratchy

  • My mother is due to have this operation very soon and I wonder if you can tell me the recuperation time. many thanks

  • Dr. Weitzner

    any ophthalmologist can perform this surgery

  • Cynthia Murphy

    Where can I get this done in Hawaii?