Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Postoperative Endophthalmitis

April 13, 2009

According to a recent article in Modern Medicine, Dr. Randall J. Olson, MD, chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, has reviewed the literature dicussing different approaches to antibiotic prophylaxis for postoperative endophthalmitis, and concluded that although intracameral cefuroxime is the only prophylactic regimen that has been demonstrated effective in a prospective, randomized controlled study, reasonably good evidence also exists supporting the conclusion that antibiotics administered topically or even by subconjunctival injection are effective for decreasing endophthalmitis risk, provided that an effective concentration is present at the time of surgery and maintained in the early postoperative period.

The particular data analyzed  showed that in a regimen including frequent use of topical fourth-generation fluoroquinolones on the day of surgery, the incidence of endophthalmitis was about 0.06%.

Read the full article here in Modern Medicine.





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