CDC Identifies Habits That Put Contacts Lens Wearers at Risk for Cornea Infections

August 24, 2016

On August 19, 2016, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a report analyzing 1,075 adverse events related to contact lens use in the FDA’s Medical Device Report (MDR) database.

The adverse events suffered included various corneal inflammations and infections, with some causing loss of vision or requiring a corneal transplant.

Approximately 25% of the adverse events resulted from modifiable habits known to be associated with an increased risk for contact lens-related corneal infections, including:

  • sleeping in contact lenses
  • extended wear of lenses for periods longer than prescribed
  • using expired lenses or products
  • storing lenses in tap water, and
  • wearing lenses while swimming.

The report noted the need to educate consumers concerning prevention of contact lens–related eye infections by avoiding the above habits.

Click here to read more about the report.




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