New Device Simulates Lens Replacement Experience Prior to Cataract Surgery

August 18, 2016

In the August 2016 issue of Optica, a journal published by the Optical Society, researchers described a new hand-held device called the simultaneous vision simulator, or SimVis, that allows patients to experience how different intraocular lenses used to treat cataracts would affect their vision by simply looking through the device.

As one of the article’s authors, Carlos Dorronsoro, explained, “The decision on which intraocular lens is implanted during cataract surgery is typically based on the explanations and experience of the surgeon. But it is difficult for patients to imagine the new visual experience provided by some of these lenses, [and] therefore, it is very difficult to make the decision.” With the new device, patients can test different solutions before surgery and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Click here to read the Optical Society’s announcement regarding the new device.

Click here to access the full article in Optica.




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3 Responses to “New Device Simulates Lens Replacement Experience Prior to Cataract Surgery”

  • Ari,

    I had found his email address and did write him. He was kind enough to respond this morning and answered my question. He said that although they hadn’t tried to duplicate the Symfony, exactly, they have done other “extended range IOLs” and believed that they could simulate the Symfony as well.

    Thanks for posting this useful information.


  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    Irv – the researchers are in Spain. I’d contact the lead author, Carlos Dorronsoro, whose email address is available under the “Author Affiliations” tab at the top of the article page.

  • Ari,

    Do you think this new device can simulate the new extended depth of focus lenses such as the Technis Symfony?

    I’m going to need cataract surgery, probably next spring and, from what I’ve read, this is the lens I’ve been waiting for!