Which Eye Doctors Use Lasers to Treat Floaters?

August 11, 2016

I took notice when Ellex Medical announced a new YAG laser specifically for treating floaters in the fall of 2012, and about six months later, I decided to request a list of doctors who have obtained the laser, and were now treating patients’ floaters. Better than a list, Ellex decided, to respond to my request by building a searchable online directory to locate doctors using their laser to treat floaters and put it on their website. That directory identifies doctors worldwide using the new Ultra Q Reflex YAG laser to treat floaters. As of August 10, 2016, there are 215 physicians worldwide listed in the directory.

Click here to access Ellex’s online search directory.

Clearly we’ve come a long way since my first articles about the use of lasers to treat vitreous floaters, written six years ago (in late 2010). These articles remain the most widely read pieces on my blog (and elicited many questions on this site). In those articles I profiled three doctors in the U.S. using lasers to treat floaters (Using Lasers to Treat Vitreous Floaters: Laser Vitreolysis) and six doctors in the UK/Europe (Using Lasers to Treat Vitreous Floaters: Laser Vitreolysis in the UK and Europe).

To read more about using lasers to treat floaters generally, see my June 2015 article at: http://tinyurl.com/vitreolysis-Update




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