RetroSense Using Optogenetics to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa and Dry AMD

April 4, 2013

RetroSense is a biotechnology company using optogenetic approaches to treat retinal diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa and dry AMD.

Optogenetics refers to a technique for restoring vision that uses “opsins” to genetically convert retinal cells that were not previously, or natively light sensitive to become light sensitive, and thereby mimic the function of rods and cones.

For example, patients with retinitis pigmentosa experience progressive and irreversible vision loss because the rods and cones of their eyes die. Retrosense’s technique allows other cells in the retina (e.g., ganglion cells) to take the place of the rods and cones.

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4 Responses to “RetroSense Using Optogenetics to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa and Dry AMD”

  • Paula,

    If you would like to read more about the use of the YAG laser to treat floaters, and about the three docs in the States that do this treatment, I have written an extensive article about both the procedure and about the three docs. Please take a look at


    Irv Arons

  • Paula:
    Having suffered with not just a few floaters but with many that obscured my central vision I did obtain some relief having my eye treated with a yag laser. However, I do not lightly recommend it unless you have a fairly large floater that is obscuring your vision greatly. If that is the case for you then yag laser surgery may be an option and much safer than a vitrectomy which should be your ultimate last option since it has many risks.

    If you decide to have the floater treated then I would recommend Dr. Scott L. Geller at the South Florida Eye Foundation who treated my floaters. He is by far the national expert in treating floaters in the U.S. I even have a video of the surgery showing how my floaters were vaporized. Again, there are risks involved one being the formation of a cataract. This risk is minimal if you are just treating a single large floater in my unprofessional opinion compared to a vitrectomy which substantially many risks.

    Paula you can call the doctor to discuss your case.
    I wish you the best and may God bless,
    Andre Gallo

  • ari

    a few surgeons do yag laser of the opacities, but most surgeons dont find it too helpful, and thats why it hasnt become popular. otherwise, only vitrectomy can help.

  • Paula Baron

    I have very large opacities floating around in my line of vision, on both eyes. I keep hoping that one day I will open up an e-mail that tells me there is a possibly cure (other than vitrectomy) for dealing with this extremely anxiety provoking condition. Are there any new discoveries that you can tell me about when you have suffered a PVD. Thanks so much