List of Clinical Trials Evaluating Use of Stem Cells to Treat Eye Diseases

November 27, 2012

Irv Aron has compiled a comprehensive list of clinical trials evaluating the use of stem cells in treating various eye diseases. The list, which includes links to relevant pages on the National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials website, should be a very helpful resource for eyecare patients who wish to determine whether they are eligible to participate in particular trials.

These clinical trials will hopefully help unlock the potential of stem cells to restore vision to those who have lost it.

Click here for the full list.




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10 Responses to “List of Clinical Trials Evaluating Use of Stem Cells to Treat Eye Diseases”

  • ari

    please see the stem cell section and irv aron’s posting- he is the expert on stem cell trials.

  • Todd Greeneway

    I was wondering if Dr. Weitzner ever responded to my question above from 4-17-2013?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Todd Greeneway

    Dr. Weitzner-My 82 year-old father has had NAION for about a year now. Your suggestion of clinical trials is likely the best hope(vs. risky and expensive overseas options). I saw the 2012 post of available clinical trials and NAION was not listed. Are there additional ideas or suggestions in keeping abreast of such opportunities? Plus any additional thoughts or suggestions?
    Thank you!

  • ari

    all the stem cell info is on the website- feel free to check it out.

  • James DuVall

    What is the latest Re: Stem Cell Research & use to regenerate the Optic Nerve for use in curing Open Angle Glaucoma?

    What is the latest research on use of Tumeric and Mirtogenol for use in Open Angle Glaucoma and can these be used in conjunction with Xalatan?

    Any other recommendations , please add these!


  • kurtulus kaya

    I have stargardt disease. Thank you for everything.

  • The latest versions of my three tables on stem cells/cell therapy use in ophthalmology are now online. I figured out how to put them into a public file on Google’s Drive.

    They can be accessed via my blog — which has a brief description of each of the tables. Follow this link:

  • A further update: ACT announced today that it had treated an additional three patients; two in its dry AMD trial and one in its Stargardt’s disease trial.

    Now six of the twelve patients to be treated in the Phase I/II trials are done, with an additional six to go.

    That completed Cohort Two (100,000 RPE cells) treatments. Next is 150,000 RPE cells.

  • Actually there is one update — I recently learned that 19 patients have been treated in the Janssen clinical trial for Dry AMD, and 1 patient has been treated in Korea in the CHA clinical trial for the same ailment.

  • Thanks Arie and Josh, I think the table will help people learn about potential stem cell/cell therapy treatments for their diseases.

    I’ll let you know when I publish the next update so that you can have the latest version on your site.