PKP, DSEK or DMEK for Fuch’s Dystrophy?

March 23, 2012

I have Fuchs’ dystrophy and have had a cataract surgery 6 months ago. So far stable. Here are my questions.

1) What is the expected survival time of DSEK or DMEK grafts? Can DSEK or DMEK be repeated on a patient if the first graft wears away?

2) If everything else fails, can we turn to artificial cornea? How long do they survive?

3) Can full PK be performed if DSEK/DMEK fails?




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One Response to “PKP, DSEK or DMEK for Fuch’s Dystrophy?”

  • ari

    the expected graft survival could be like 10 years or so, and can be repeated. the experience with artificial corneas is extremely limited, but looks promising. pk can be done, but would be no better option that dske/dmek, so i would not advise it.