Corneas Clear Up After Endothelium Removed!

February 15, 2012

Feb. Ophthalmololgy: Unbelievable. After a second failed DSEK in one eye, the surgeon noted that the cornea cleared up where the graft had detached. So for the fellow eye, he simply stripped the Descemet’s and endothelium, and lo and behold, after two months, the cornea was completely clear, and specular microscopy found that the endothelium (supposedly unable to regenerate) had completely covered the cornea. The patient had both Fuch’s and posterior polymorphous (confirmed by histology), and he wonders if this combination made the corneas special in some way. This case actually not so strange- earlier articles had found some endothelium migration after graft displacement, with no need to re-position the graft.




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2 Responses to “Corneas Clear Up After Endothelium Removed!”

  • ari

    damage from an ulcer usually needs more than healthy endothelium, as there are typically scars in the cornea that make the vision poor that needs to be removed.

    this was a case report that i cited. useful research on endothelium regeneration is not on the horizon

  • I cannot believe this great news. corneal endothelium regeneration? wow.
    i had keratitis 3weeks ago as a result of wearing my contact lens to sleep and my doctor says the ulcer is quite deep so the only option to help clear my vision is a full corneal transplant which upon further reading on the procedure i realized the risks were far too much. i have come to know that the reason for my cloudy vision is because the endothelium is my cornea has been damaged and cant regenerate itself so surgery is my only option for a clear vision.
    I would like to know if there is any remote chance of this miracle happening to other individuals with endothelium damage and also if i am a possible candidate for DSAEK? partial corneal transplant?