Will 2012 be the Year for Gene Therapy in Ophthalmology?

January 18, 2012

Several recent events point to 2012 becoming a breakthrough year for the use of gene therapy to overcome genetic defects that cause several ophthalmic diseases.

I have put together a table in which I list the fourteen clinical trials that I know about in the use of gene therapy in treating ophthalmic disease. Half of the trials are aimed at treating Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), while three are for treating the wet form of AMD; one is underway for treating Choroideremia; one for Stargardt’s Disease; and two are aimed at different forms of retinitis pigmentosa (Autosomal Recessive RP and Usher Syndrome 1b).

In addition, I show at least twenty four clinical trials in either the pre-clinical (animal study) mode, or a couple in the IND-preparation mode. That is close to forty clinical trials using gene therapy to treat ophthalmic diseases.

To read more about this important method for treating ophthalmic diseases, please follow this link.




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