Macular Hole: Medication or Vitrectomy?

January 12, 2012

My wife has a macular hole in her right eye. Her local eye surgeon has prescribed nevanac and prednisolone acetate, and he indicated that there was a 25% chance these drugs will close the hole.

Is this accurate? Is there a 25% chance these medications will close the macular hole? I could find no mention of these medications for closing macular holes online. We got a second opinion at a prestigious teaching hospital that specializes in eye care, and were told that the medication was a waste, and that we should have a vitrectomy. My wife is only 39, and was born with bad eyes.




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One Response to “Macular Hole: Medication or Vitrectomy?”

  • ari

    you are correct- drops do not help holes. they sometimes resolve on their own, but most surgeons will operate when the vision drops to 20/50 or so.