Alternatives to Lumigan Eye Drops for Glaucoma?

November 18, 2011

Where can I find a list of FDA-approved eye drops for glaucoma?

I was using Lumigan, which my primary insurance covered, but my secondary would not cover the remainder, roughly an extra 40 dollars a month. I was then switched to Timolol. I do not like it as I have to use it twice a day and it burns. I also feel light headed and very tired. Is this normal? I do not take any other medications. I will follow up with my Dr. next week to check to see if the pressure is still being controlled. It was 32 and reduced to 23 with Lumigan. But due to cost and what my insurance would not cover, I had to switch.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.




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7 Responses to “Alternatives to Lumigan Eye Drops for Glaucoma?”

  • Peggy

    I have had glaucoma for many years (30) and although I have used many drops my pressure kept increasing. I have had laser, and conventional surgery to relieve the pressure. Yet, after all this I have had to continue on Lumigan. My eyes never liked this medicine, they are often sore, red, dry and scratchy. However, I would deal with all of that until I started having intermittent palpitations from mild to scary. This only happens during sleep, 5-6 hours after I use the Lumigan. I am going to do my own trial, by stopping using it for 6 weeks to see if this continues.
    I do not want to take the chance of heart problems along with glaucoma!

  • I also had trouble with Timolol. And I also pay even more for Lumigan.
    Hopefully my provider allows Xalatan.

  • Started on Xalatan because I was unable to tolerate timilol. Underwent SLT laser surgery with poor success in lowering IOP’s.. Started on Lumigan which achieved more consistent results in lowering my IOP. Much more expensive. $157 per Rx, which decreases each month with my current drug plan. Very satisfied with results, however. Had cataract surgery June 2015 which improved clarity in my vision but still have Map Dot Dystrophy in both eyes which prevented me from having optimal success with my cataract surgery. 2/14/2016

  • Helen walker

    Husband was on Lumigan for the past 5 plus years but as of Dec. 2015 insurance will no longer cover. However, he has to try other alternatives before he can go back to Lumigan. The doctor put in an order but never
    Let my husband know the name. Even then it was changed with out informing us. He does not know the name of the new medicine since Dec.14’2015

  • mike pawley

    Since I retired my 90 day lumigan went from $90 to $343 with Medicare Part D and express scipts. It appears there is greed and ilegalities going on. May 3 years in jail and up the ass sex for the CEO and Board will change their mind.

  • Agreed – systemic absorption of Timoptic (a beta blocker) can slow your pulse, reduce your blood pressure, induce fatigue, even impact breathing – closing your eyes for a minute or two after instilling the drop can reduce the amount that enters your tear drainage system, some of which gets absorbed into your circulation. I’d certainly stick with the prostaglandin class of drugs – most effective and fewest side effects, by far.

  • ari

    timoptic can definitely make you lightheaded and tired. try putting pressure on the inside of the bridge of your nose for a few minutes to reduce absorption into the blood.
    better advice- why not switch to xalatan (generic) or travatan, which are nearly identical to lumigan, and xalatan generic almost certainly is covered.