Toric Lens Implant for Patient With Cataract and Astigmatism?

November 18, 2011

Hi! I just had my visit with an ophthalmic surgeon to address the cataract in my left eye (my right eye is doing fine at this point).

I have always had an astigmatism in my left eye, and the doctor has recommended the toric lens implant.

My question is this: if I’m still going to need “readers” afterwards, why not just get the regular lens and just continue wearing my glasses? Opinions?




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3 Responses to “Toric Lens Implant for Patient With Cataract and Astigmatism?”

  • ari

    fyi– toric restor not available in the u.s. i really cant wait for them to approve it already, as i turn away many patients because of astigmatism

  • You have options, all with pros and cons.
    1. As you describe. Standard lens.
    2. As recommended. Toric WILL give you better unaided distance.
    3. Toric multifocal (eg Restor) will give you good unaided distance and near.
    4. Toric monofocal monovision left eye. Better near unaided. Often possible to trial with contact lens.
    5. Include right surgery in the mix, eg clear lens refraction now to get best refractive result overall.

  • ari

    if you want to see better in the distance w/o correction, you need a toric. if you dont care about relying on glasses to see well, then forget it.