Glassesoff App Promises to Eliminate Need for Reading Glasses in Patients With Presbyopia

October 28, 2011

GlassesOffâ„¢ is a non-invasive software solution that promises to eliminate the need for reading glasses for patients with presbyopia.

As explained on the company’s website, the unavoidable deterioration in the focusing power of the lens as we age can be compensated for by boosting the speed and quality of image processing in the brain. Using non-invasive methodologies researched over the last 15 years, Glassesoff claims its technique to boost the brain’s image processing speed and contrast sensitivity can help users achieve over 80% improvement in vision acuity.

For those already suffering symptoms of presbyopia such as blurred near vision, GlassesOff treatment can be used to correct the existing presbyopia and prevent further natural near vision deterioration. For those who haven’t yet experienced symptoms, GlassesOff can be used as a preventive treatment.

The treatment involves visual training with the software 3 times per week (each training session lasts around 15 min) for 3 months. Once eliminating the need for reading glasses, users then undertake a maintenance training protocol, which only requires 2-3 treatment sessions per month.

Click here to learn more on the company’s website.




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2 Responses to “Glassesoff App Promises to Eliminate Need for Reading Glasses in Patients With Presbyopia”

  • ari

    i tend to doubt how effective it is. dont sell your readers stocks just yet.

  • Snazzy Specs

    What a fantastic advancement for presbyopia – though probably not so fantastic for our online reading glasses business 😉