Dr. Masket Describes Fix To Negative Dysphotopsia

October 10, 2011

Negative dysphotopsia┬áhas been addressed at EyeDocNews- it’s when patients notice a dark crescent in their peripheral visual field, due to the edge of the implant. For reasons I am still not clear, the culprit is the way the anterior capsule covers the IOL edge. Dr. Masket advises a pretty simple fix- tease the IOL off the anterior capsule with a blunt instrument, and cause reverse optic capture with the optic on top of the anterior capsule, and the haptics still in the bag. A lot easier than IOL exchange.




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4 Responses to “Dr. Masket Describes Fix To Negative Dysphotopsia”

  • Rozy

    Is there a Dr. who does this in Oregon?

  • ari

    Time since surgery would make no difference, unless the capsule is too scarred and can’t be manipulated off the implant.

  • b rascn

    I had an AcriSof ReStor multi-focal put in my right eye over a year ago. The question is can Dr. Masket still fix the negative dysphotopsia after that length of time? Is there a greater risk? Please respond as soon as possible! Thanks!

  • c barnes

    hi does anyone know of a surgeon who does the reverse optic capture in england can this procedure be used where a m plus lens has been fitted ,thanks