How Safe is Stem Cell Therapy?

September 27, 2011

While we are hopeful that stem cell therapy may eventually play a role in inhibiting and possibly reversing various eye conditions, that day still appears far off, and in the meantime, patients suffering from eye diseases are advised to regard any claims regarding successful treatment of eye diseases with stem cellĀ  therapy with extreme caution and wariness.

Highlighting the need for extreme caution is an article last week in Reuters reporting on the death of a hotel manager in China after what doctors claim were stem cells were injected into his spinal cord and buttocks following a minor stroke. The article warns that patients should only participate in experimental stem cell therapies being undertaken within the framework of clinical trials approved by regulatory boards that ensure ethical standards are met. Signs of stem cell scam include being asked for large sums of money up front, being told there are no risks, and being offered no post-therapy care.

We’ve previously blogged about a website launched to help patients evaluate the safety of stem cell treatment options. A particularly helpful starting point is the site’s Top 10 Things to Know About Stem Cell Treatments. Patients should take advantage of these and other resources before proceeding with any experimental stem cell therapy.




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One Response to “How Safe is Stem Cell Therapy?”

  • Anthony

    they have tried the stem cells in rats, mice ect, that have retina diseases. & it has worked in these animals. so why wont it work on people that have AMD? I’ve seen many tube videos and read many articles on how successful the adult stem cell treatment worked. Dr. Robert Lanza has performed on many animals & it was a success. So why wouldn’t it work on people???