Risk Factors In Initial Parafoveal Scotomas in Glaucoma

September 28, 2011

Ophthalmology:  Glaucoma usually presents with nasal steps, but sometimes presents with parafoveal scotomas threatening fixation. The authors show that initial parafoveal scotomas were more common in the following patients: those with disc hemorrhage, higher IOP, and systemic risk factors (hypotension, Raynaud’s, migraine, sleep apnea).




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2 Responses to “Risk Factors In Initial Parafoveal Scotomas in Glaucoma”

  • ari

    not rare. plenty of patients come to me who have not seen an ophthalmologist in a few years and present with glaucoma vf defects. you must live in a very wealthy, high-education level community where everyone follows the rules and sees their ophthalmologist regularly!

  • mike bense

    Really. In reality, how often does POAG present to an ophthalmologist as a field defect? Aren’t we diagnosing glaucoma nowadays well before field defects develop with other objective measurements? I am confused.