Implantation of SOLX Gold Shunt into Supraciliary Space Controls Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma Patients

March 17, 2009

Reuters Health recently reported on a study published in the March 2009 issue of the Archives of Ophthalmology of 38 patients with glaucoma and uncontrolled intraocular pressures, which found that implantation of the SOLX® Gold Shunt into the supraciliary space is a safe and effective means of controlling intraocular pressures in patients with glaucoma.

With shunt use, mean intraocular pressures fell from 27.6 to 18.2 mm Hg (p < 0.001). Surgical success, defined as a pressure between 5 and 22 mmHg with or without the use of antiglaucoma agents, was achieved in 30patients (79%). The implant procedure and shunt were safe and well tolerated, although mild to moderate transient hyphema occurred in eight patients.

Read the full story from Reuters.

According to the manufacturer, the SOLX® Gold Shunt is the first biocompatible, 24-karat gold implant that uses the eye’s natural pressure differential (uveal scleral outflow) to reduce Intraocular Pressure (IOP) without a bleb. It is approximately 3 mm wide, 6 mm long; it is about the thickness of a human hair. The Gold Shunt is a flat plate designed for implantation through a single micro-incision. It contains numerous micro-tubular channels that bridge the anterior chamber and the suprachoroidal space, controlling aqueous outflow to reduce IOP. The shunt is virtually undetectable by the patient and is intended to last indefinitely.

The SOLX® Gold Shunt works by increasing aqueous outflow and reducing IOP. Once inserted and positioned between the anterior chamber and suprachoroidal space, the SOLX® Gold Shunt creates a new fluid pathway by connecting these two spaces.

Aqueous from the anterior chamber enters the ingress holes of the shunt (1), is directed through the internal micro-channels (2), and exits the shunt into the suprachoroidal space (3). The eye’s natural pressure gradient between the anterior chamber and the suprachoroidal space creates a constant flow of aqueous through the SOLX® Gold Shunt.




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One Response to “Implantation of SOLX Gold Shunt into Supraciliary Space Controls Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma Patients”

  • ari weitzner

    it’s remarkable how much effort is being put into devices that will replace traditional trabs. i heard of another company that is testing an implant that will also allow egress into the suprachoroidal space. will be interesting to see which of all these devices wil be the best and most accepted.