Patients With Myopia and Presbyopia Sought for Study by Technolas of Laser Procedure to Correct Both Conditions in a Single Treatment

August 19, 2011

LASIK typically will only correct long distance vision, thus requiring the use of glasses for reading and near vision.

However, the Technolas 217z Excimer Laser (already approved in Europe) enables correction of both near vision and the distance vision in a single procedure the company has branded SUPRACOR.

Technolas is currently seeking patients to participate in a study to determine (i) how accurately the combined technique corrects distance and near vision, and (ii) whether the correction is adequate to completely remove the need for glasses for near vision.

Participants will undergo LASIK treatment on their non-dominant eye with a new laser software algorithm designed to treat both the distance and near vision components. The developed software algorithm uses the subjective refraction of the eye to create a treatment for the distance vision correction. Additionally, a central ablation component will be added to address the near vision.

Click here for further details and instructions on eligibility to participate.




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