Treatment Options for Full Thickness Macular Hole

August 22, 2011

What are the treatment options for full thickness macular hole and any side effects?




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2 Responses to “Treatment Options for Full Thickness Macular Hole”

  • ari

    im afaraid not, good buddy. hang in there

  • Herbert L.Smith

    I have had 3 surgeries to my left eye to repair a macular hole,2 face down injections a cateract removal and lens replacement.It took a total of 3 years due to the recovery time in between surgeries.This was 2004,05,06.In November 2010 i went to a new retina doctor because i thought the other doctors were taking me round in circles while my vision in that eye was not getting any better.He did a retina scan and showed me on a print out that the hole is closed but there is thinning of the macular that why the vision in that eye is 20/300,and there is nothing more that can be done to inprove the thinning of the macular.We did talk about stem cells but thats not ready for the doctors office.Ive had to give up my job as a tracor trailer driver at $45 grand a year.Does any one out there have an answer or cure to regenerate thinning of the macular BREAKER BREAKER ONE NINE.thanks from yo one eyeed little buddy HYWAY HERB.