Is PRK or Other Surgery an Option to Treat a Mild Corneal Scar That Impairs Vision?

July 28, 2011

I have a small corneal scar in my line of vision.  It’s the result of a corneal ulcer and, while it isn’t serious enough to necessitate a corneal transplant, it does interfere with my vision.  The ophthalmologist who treated me advised that my vision will always be impaired by the scar.  I was informed that I’m not a candidate for PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) or other laser surgery due to the scar. 

I’m confused about this advice because I’ve since read that PRK can remove scar tissue.  Some sources indicate that even where there’s deep scarring, treating the top layers of the cornea can significantly improve a patient’s vision.  If this is true, then I don’t understand why it can’t be done for me.  I’ve also read about something called “Corneoplastique” which has apparently been used to successfully improve vision in eyes with corneal scars.  I wonder if it could help me.

My question:  Generally speaking, are there surgical treatment options for mild corneal scars that impair one’s vision?

I understand the importance of giving one’s cornea sufficient time to heal, and I’ve used steroid eyedrops for several months.  I’m aware of non-surgical ways to mask some symptoms (such as rigid contact lenses and eyedrops to prevent the pupil from dilating), but am in search of a permanent fix.  Any information you can provide about treating mild corneal scars would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.




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6 Responses to “Is PRK or Other Surgery an Option to Treat a Mild Corneal Scar That Impairs Vision?”

  • Elvis

    Dear Sir,

    I have a corneal scar

    It has created a white half moon like shape (dune) in my left eye

    I cant see at all with this eye. Only light sometimes

    Is there any surgery that can make me see again.

    E. K. Donkoh (Ph.D)

  • ari

    jules stein in california

  • Julia Zel

    I also have a similar issue with corneal scarring due to an corneal ulcer.

    Could you list some world-class institutions in the US (preferably northern California) and/or Germany? I live part-time in both countries, and am willing to travel long distance to get the very best treatment for this.

  • ari

    where do you live?

  • Ching Legaspi

    I have a corneal scar and it bothers me too.
    I need a world class institution to go to. Thanks.


    What institution can I use?

  • ari

    using the same prk laser to vaporize only the scar is called ptk- phototherapeutic, and it is not uncommon to use it. if the scar is pretty deep, then the removal of scar tissue will create unevenness in the cornea which will probably disturb your vision. if you are nearsighted, and the scar is not so deep, then prk might be a good option- treating the the entire central 6mm of cornea and vaporizing the scar along with it.
    if too deep, your next best option is dalk-cutting out a button of the scar tissue, and replacing it with a button of transplanted cornea. it’s not a through-and-through replacement, so no possibility of rejection. it’s not commonly done and needs a lot of skill.
    my suggestion- go to a world class institution and get another opinion.