Endocapsular Ring Prevents Posterior Capsule Opacification

July 26, 2011

Archives: A new device, the endocapsular ring, effectively traps lens cells and reduced posterior capsule opacification (PCO) to a 4.4 level, compared to 11.4 without the ring. Also, 45% of control patients required a YAG laser to open the PCO, while none of the ring patients needed one. The glaring weakness in this study is the use of older intraocular lenses, since the newer ones have a much lower rate of PCO- about 5-10% I would say, making this article a little strange. I mean, who ever heard of a 45% YAG rate-unless the ophthalmologist has mortgage payments to make. Furthermore, YAG is so safe- why are wasting resources to reduce PCO below 5%?




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