Xalatan, Lumigan or Travatan for Glaucoma?

June 22, 2011

Are there any new glaucoma medications even close to being approved? All we have are reformulations or combinations of current medications.

Which is easiest on the eye: Xalatan, Lumigan .01%, or Travatan Z?

Are there any independent studies comparing the effectiveness of these medications?




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2 Responses to “Xalatan, Lumigan or Travatan for Glaucoma?”

  • ari

    lumigan has slight edge (about 1 point) over travatan and maybe 2 points over xalatan. but the data is conflicting- no one knows for sure.

  • Samarjeet Singh

    I want to get an impartial comment on which is the best among Lumigan .01%, Xalatan and Travatan Z