Is Lacrisert Good for Dry Eye?

March 11, 2009

A Lacrisert rep came to the office today. He stated that the Lacrisert gets great results- much more dry eye relief than taking drops four or five times a day. And many of my patients complain bitterly of taking drops so often, and many of them simply don’t respond to Retsasis. I am not sure if my patients will like the idea of inserting this thing into their conjunctival fornix, but I am willing to try. I wonder what others have found?




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76 Responses to “Is Lacrisert Good for Dry Eye?”

  • Sharon

    My son has Sjogren’s Syndrome (systemic dryness) that causes extremely dry eyes. He has used Lacriserts for at least 6 years with wonderful results. His ducts are sealed and he uses drops. However, because the Lacrisert gives slowly releasing moisture for about 12 hours, he receives the greatest benefit from the Lacriserts. His eyes are so dry that we would be using drops and ointment constantly if he did not have Lacriserts. We are truly grateful for Lacriserts!

  • Christina

    I have Sjrogren’s and in 2008 desperate for dry eye relief I found Lacriserts on my own through research. My doctors never even recommended them…anyway, they are LIFECHANGING!! I can actually go 8 hours or more and not need drops!! I also use restasis and have plugs in my lower lids, but I’m not sure either of these are working. Well, right now I am down to 5 more days of Lacriserts and I cannot get more from any pharmacy because they are on back order into June and now I’ve heard that they might no longer be manufactured!! Talk about freaking out! I’ve been calling everyone, including a Canadain pharmacy. If anyone know’s anything about this that would be so helpful, or where I can just get a box to hold me over. I’m a dental hygienist a couple days a week and I don’t know how I’m going to work without these….any help is greatly appreciated.

  • christopher

    Lacrisert is effective when in the eye. Positioning it is very difficult and frustrating. I finally gave up on this product.

  • christopher

    Lacrisert is effective when in the eye. Positioning it is very difficult and frustrating. I finally gave up on this product, so it was a waste of 80 bucks !!!!!!

  • Sally

    Does anyone know if you can get Lacriserts in Australia? (You used to be able to get them on prescription but not any longer that I’m aware of).

  • H. Heim

    I have used Lacriserts for 30 plus years and have always had great success, they are easy to insert into the eye canal. I hope they will continue to be manufactured. I would not be able to continue working without the use of this product. Thank you for keeping this on the market.

  • Susy Sims

    I have dry eyes. I believe due to medications for chronic pain. Have had neck and back fusions. Back especially I was walking like quasimodo unfortunately they surgery worked but could not undo nerve damage already done.
    I was changed to another anti depressant so it would not interact with tramadol ie seratonin syndrome. So I was put on an older generation medication. I started noticing changes in my eye sight. I think just brought it to forefront. I stopped it. Eventually I was making no tears my eye sight had gone to crap. (Sorry for language but that describes it to a T). I was experiencing dry everything. Carry water with me where ever I go. Was using every artificial tear on the market.
    Had used before some due to eye stress from work on computer screen. (After injury disabled was a nurse)
    My opthamologist laughed when he asked me what I 2as using literally pulled out a small bag of different artificial tears. He started me on restasis I couldnt cry did see an improvement but kept having to supplement and change prescriptions. Within a period of 3 years had cataract surgery. I was concerned that I would have to repeat. Plus using tears daily more than I could count. So I did my research found out about punctual plugs lacriset and another procedure where they like vibrate the eye.
    So surgeon who did my cataracts said punctual plugs first helped some. But also read full puntuals render restasis ineffective. Was going to need reading glasses I noticed my vision everytime not as good as before. Sugeestes I also use tears I said I am expensive in the amount I use please lacriset. (Plus insomnia if I get 3 hrs straight it heaven pain wakes me up) anywho sorry so long I finally placed lacriset in today. I was researching if I could use drops with them. Thanks for all the wonderful advice I put a drop in now I think woking better to dry to help break getting it started.
    Drops in after few hours of lacriset in I can now feel it dissolving. Did notice slight foriegn object not to bad. And believe me after punctual plugs like a little bumb compared to a mole hill. I had no idea this product had been out here so long I thought it was new. I had to pester my optho for it.
    Also I’m not one for more medication. But when it comes to my site you get scarred. So thank you for the wonderful page. Will keep you updated. (Sad thing I was a nurse for 20 yrs never had seen it) I had to advocate hard for this. I feel badly for those who are timid. Also hard to find the info on lacriset. Expensive yes but I know I was spending large amounts on tears. At least I can maybe get a write of heres hoping covered by insurance.

    Side bar I know some hate obamacare I have to buy my own insurance. I was paying close to 900 a month. Now almost cut in half. Plus my copay down from 3000 to 1500.
    Have to. Doesnt include back. Plus I wouldnt have been insurable.
    Sorry about the book. Thank you for site.
    You dont miss tears until you can’t cry.

  • Linda

    Using Lacrisert only at night and taking the plugs out in the am. Can those plugs be reused the next night? Not sure if the only the initial moisturizer effects are valuable, or if there is still a reason to use them until they are melted?

  • Well, I must be the exception to the rule. I tried Lacriserts and it was a horrible experience for me. I went back to doctor twice to be sure I was inserting them properly and she said I was inserting them perfectly. But, they would not stay in place. They floated around my eyes and it felt like a hard contact with uneven edges was scratching my eyes. It hurt badly. And, twice the inserts floated right out of my eye(s). I wish my experience had been positive like many others reviewing, but it definitely was not. I also have Macular Degeneration and I have told my doctor that I think my Severe dry eye has become Unbearable dry eye since I had cataracts removed and since the Macular Degeneration went active. We ;have found nothing to give me relief from my Dry Eye and we are not sure what else we can try. I was in the house for a week with the shutters all closed and using different drops, etc, but I could barely get my eyes opened. There was no way I could drive; I have extreme sensitivity to light. When I can drive, I use the blackout plastic piece you put behind your sunglasses after dilation, my sunglasses and a “visor” product to block the rays. One thing that I did find recently that has given me more relief than any others is the brand name “ThermalOn” for their product, the “Dry Eye Moist Heat Compress”. I t certainly won’t cure the dry eye, but it does give me some much needed temporary relief. I found it at Walmart and it was reasonably priced, if anyone is interested.

  • Anita

    I have just recently tried Lacrisert. It is wonderful. I have plugs, surgery to close the ducks, and drops day and night, also retasis. Nothing seem to work until Lacrisert. I am so blessed to have given this. It helped and even seem to improve my vision.

  • Andrew

    I keep a bottle of eye drops in the refrigerator which helps cool the eye. I plan to freeze another bottle and then take with me when I leave home for the day or else keep it cool with ice packs.
    Over time, Genteal and Refresh brands can be better as they are preservative free.
    Canada has Lacriserts for $225 for 60 units including shipping.
    It may be worth exploring other countries such as Indonesia.

  • Andrew

    Does Dr Ali or anyone else know if the Johnson and Johnson Oasis bandage lens helps dry eye? It is supposed to be 90% water so could be slept in and comes in both prescription and non-prescription form.
    I have successfully applied ice to my lids for just a few seconds letting the water get into my tears and, also, have used a public cold water fountain to wash and cool my eye. It is possible that anatomically the cornea may be swollen from lack of tears so epithelial cells slough off and the tissue swells so the cold applications may help to decrease the edema and pressure on the free nerve endings.

  • Chantal

    I had LASIK in 2002. Since then my eyes have been so dry. I’ve been using drops a lot. I’ve tried restasis but it made my eyes even dryer. A few days ago I ask my ophthalmologist if I can try Lacrisert. He said he heard of people using them in the past but they would feel like rocks in your eyes. And that many users have started using different alternatives. I’ve tried using it for two nights because that’s when my eyes are the driest. After a minute of having them in, I don’t feel them but I don’t notice a difference. By morning, they just become two gel globs. You would think they should resolve over night to coat the eyeballs. It seems like they need moisture to properly dissolve but if your eyes are so dry, how do these pellets dissolve? Any thought or suggestions would help.

  • Jody

    It is Oct. 25 and the lacriserts are still working well for me. I put them in with my finger rather then the tool, works better for me. Sometimes I lose one and have to put in another. Wish they weren’t so expensive. I had had everything done to my eye that has been mentioned here. Restasis, blood serum tears, nothing worked. I am so happy I found these!

  • Jody

    I have had a severe dry right eye since having lasik surgery in 2002. I have had my eye resurfaced with placenta, tried schlerals in Boston, had gamma knife surgery, cyberknife surgery, had a corneal transplant, tried Restasis. NOTHING has helped. I found the Lacriserts on line a couple of weeks ago. Very expensive but my insurance will pay part. I just got them today. Put them in and am doing great! I really think this is my answer to all my prayers for all these years! I am singing, dancing, and praising the Lord! We have to get this info out to all those suffering with dry eye. And also, I tell everyone NOT to have lasik surgery. Too many people have problems. Good luck and God bless you to all of you!!!


  • Margaret

    I have been using Lacriserts now for two weeks and it has worked wonders for me. I have Sjogen’s and do not produce tears, I have plugs of all sorts to no avail plus Restesis which gave me side effects. In my opinon Restesis should be tossed not Lacriserts. I was so worried about going blind with no tears and then like a mircle discovered Lacriserts when I was doing some research online. Plus there is a video on Utube showing you how to insert Lacriserts and how to take them out if you need to. I live in Alaska so it is very dry, I also have a humidifier in the room and one in another area of our house. I hope my good results continue since it is definately working for me and by the way I think it is not true about taking it of the market, according to my doctor and the Pharmacy.
    Thank you.