Are There Other Options to Treat Uveitis Besides Steroids?

May 19, 2011

Uveitis specialists are chagrined that we rely too much on steroids to control uveitis. Steroids, as we know, have many side effects, and of course, are great in controlling uveitis. But it’s better to use steroids in the short term, and if one sees chronicity or recurrences, we really have to stop relying on what we know best- steroids- and think about referring these patients for anti-metabolites, like methotrexate, remicade etc.  These drugs are very effective, and in fact, after a couple of years, these patients can often be taken off these anti-metabolites and be “cured” with no more recurrences.




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2 Responses to “Are There Other Options to Treat Uveitis Besides Steroids?”

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    thats out of my league. i am more familiar with methotrexate and remicade. you need to consult a uveitis specialist.

  • Ashish

    What is the best available immune-suppressive medicine to be tried on a patient who is a HLAB27 positive, a steroid responder and had tried folitrax and azoran but still has occurrence of severe anterior uveitis. Is remicade the only option left out?