Do You Use Collagen Plugs for Dry Eye?

March 10, 2009

Dry eye is a plague in my population, and patients simply can’t be bothered to put drops in their eyes. Here’s my method of dealing with it:

I give Restasis (but be sure to add a mild steroid, as the Restasis won’t kick in for about 6 weeks, and the patient will give up), and I offer collagen plugs. I explain to the patient that they won’t feel them and that they dissolve in a few days- no risk!

I ask them to come back in a couple of weeks and I ask them if their eyes felt better after the plugs. They often say yes, and then I offer a six-month dissolvable plug (they sit in the canaliculus). I like those plugs, because the other plugs that sit on the punctum can get stuck in the canaliculus, which can become a surgical condition, or, they simply fall out. With dissolvable canalicular plugs, I don’t worry about a thing! Also, the patient comes back every six months and I repeat. The patients also are relieved when I explain that the plugs aren’t permanent.

You can make a nice sum of money offering these plugs ( you can bill each time you insert them!), and they literally take just five minutes of your time. It’s great for your bottom line, and most importantly, it’s honest and ethical and does the patient a lot of good.




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