Fibrin Adhesive Versus Sutures in Pterygium Surgery

March 3, 2009

I came across an article that compared pterygium surgery with Tisseel glue with sutures. Of course, it showed no difference. That’s it! I’m done with sutures. I plan on asking my ASC to stock that fibrin glue and I will use it on my next case. As one who trains residents, nothing would please me more than not having to watch another one try to suture! I love my residents, but that can be torture. I pride myself, as most of us who trained doing extracaps, on being a good suturer. But, like penmanship and knowing correct grammer and spelling, these skills are fast becoming obsolete due to technology. Oh well. Would you believe my daughter has never even seen a typewriter? Or knows what a rexograph machine is? Yeesh, I’m 46 but I feel old!




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One Response to “Fibrin Adhesive Versus Sutures in Pterygium Surgery”

  • For many applications, surgical sealants are as good or better than sutures (especially considering the learning curve), the exception being those requiring a bit more strength than fibrin-based sealants can offer. Cyanoacrylates have strength, but toxicity issues prevent internal applications. See our worldwide report on sealants, glues, hemostasis, etc. at