Does High Myopia Predict Failure in Macular Hole Surgery?

January 24, 2011

From the American Journal of Ophthalmology comes a study finding that axial length of 30mm and greater was associated with a macular hole repair success rate of zero (!) compared to 26-30 mm (92%). It was 73 % in 26mm and greater eyes, compared to 100% in those 26mm or less.

The study was small- 52 eyes, but one can certainly see a trend here, and that should be taken into account when discussing risks and benefits.

Read the full abstract.




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3 Responses to “Does High Myopia Predict Failure in Macular Hole Surgery?”

  • Micol Alkabes, MD

    Hi, i’m an european ophthalmologist who spend a lot of time working with high myopic patients. I think that for a macular hole with posterior staphyloma (as maybe in your case) due to high myopia, your best option should be posterior macular buckling, even more if a foveoschisis is present. This technique is the only way to solve retinal diseases due to the axial enlongation of the eye, as occurs in high myopic individuals.There are few ophthalmologists in Europe who work with this technique because it’s not easy to performed, but the results i see are very good. Nevertheless, it depends from each case and, by the way, a tailored surgical approach should always be considered.
    Micol Alkabes, MD

  • ari

    macular hole surgery may be risky but may your only chance- consider a 2nd opinion.

  • Sangeeta Mahendra

    I have extremely high myopia of (-) 25 diopters with cataract surgery performed in both eyes last year. However after about 8 months all of a sudden the vision in the left eye suddenly started diminishing and in a month there was a macular hole. This developed between two check ups I underwent in 10 days time. This was accompanied by heaviness in the eye with some kind of pain occasionally. Still feel the heaviness and feeling of a pull in the eye quite often in the day. Doctors at All India Insitute of Medical Sciences advised against any treatment due to high myopia. I am in a dilemma of what to do.