What is the Incidence of Hypotony After 25 Gauge Vitrectomy?

January 23, 2011

From the American Journal of Ophthalmology comes a review of 122 consecutive cases of 25 gauge vitrectomy designed to measure the incidence of hypotony after 25-gauge vitrectomy and to identify preoperative and intraoperative factors that influence the occurrence of hypotony.

Researchers found a hypotony rate of 13%. The risk of hypotony was significantly lower in cases with air or gas tamponade (3.3%) than in cases without tamponade (22.4%). In cases in which intravitreal triamcinolone was used, the risk of hypotony was significantly higher (35.3%) than in cases without triamcinolone (10.3%). Eyes undergoing combined phacoemulsification and vitrectomy had a 25% rate.

No endophthalmitis or other complication were found- all hypotony resolved quickly. Since endophthalmitis was found in another study to be the same in 25 gauge as in traditional vitrectomy, one has to wonder whether hypotony really has anything to do with it. Thoughts? Please share using the comments box below.

Read the full abstract.




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