Is Lenstar Superior to IOLMaster?

December 23, 2010

The new Lenstar from Haag-Striet uses a laser, like the IOLMaster (from Carl Zeiss Meditec), but the Lenstar provides more information – ¬†anterior chamber depth and more K readings, lens thickness (for Holladay formula). I typically send patients to the IOLMaster when implanting premium IOL’s. But I’ll say that my A scan does a great job, and it’s still the standard.




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2 Responses to “Is Lenstar Superior to IOLMaster?”

  • ari

    i’m afraid i don’t know- sorry.

  • Regiani Malicia

    May I use the Keratometris data from the Lenstar in Imersion Biometry when I couldnt obtein a result in Lenstar? These data are good even I couldnt measure the AL???